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Telephone - On Line Therapy

With the various time constraints and pressures that we have in our busy lives, sometimes clients find it difficult to find the time to travel to clinics in order to seek help and support. Or, perhaps due to work, travel or other commitments are unable to see their chosen therapist on a regular basis on their allotted clinic days.

I have been supporting clients (and other qualified therapists as part of my supervision work) very successfully utilising telephone and/or on line therapy such as Zoom, SKYPE, FaceTime for some years, especially during the Lockdowns associated with Covid 19.

The sessions are especially designed to support the client between clinical sessions.  The format will maintain the integrity of the treatment plan agreed with the client. The techniques used are especially selected for the efficacy for this remote approach.  It is therefore, important that for all sessions you ensure that you are in a quiet, environment where you will be uninterrupted by any distractions such as telephone calls, children, animals, radios, televisions, machinery (washing machines, dishwashers, etc) during the session.

The only requirement is access to a landline telephone number, or access to Zoom, SKYPE, FaceTime on which I can call you for the 45 minute duration of the session. 

The first step is to contact me by e-mail or telephone in order that we can discuss your therapy requirements.  We will then arrange for an initial consultation to take place this is usually at a clinic, however, due to COVID 19 restrictions all sessions including the intial session will be conducted on line or by telephone.

To support you through the therapy a relaxation download will be sent to you via email for no extra charge.  It may be appropriate after a session for a supporting bespoke download to be recorded, dependent on the amount of work involved there may be an small extra charge to cover time and administration costs.