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Single Session Therapy

Single Session Therapy is designed specifically to help with a specific problem without the commitment of a continued course of therapy.

This Single Session approach is not a new concept and is a cost effective psychotherapeutic approach to the more traditional weekly or bi-weekly commitments.

If you feel that you will benefit from Single Session Therapy the first step is to contact me by phone, or use the contact form on the Contact page.  I will send you a Client Form for completion.  Depending on the problem, you may be asked to complete an anxiety or health questionnaire. Following receipt of the forms I will contact you to arrange the following: 

Pre-Session chat

The objective of the pre-session chat is for me to explain how the process works and to establish the goal for the 1:1 session.  This usually lasts for around 20-30 minutes. The appointment for the 1:1 session will be made following this chat.

NB: If at this stage it is felt that Single Session therapy is inappropriate for the issue/problem then a more traditional form of therapy will be offered.

1:1 Session

This session is provided in one of my clinical venues and will last approximately 55 minutes.  The session is recorded, a copy of which will be sent to you after the session with a written reminder list of the tasks agreed during the session.

Follow-up Interview    

A follow up interview is undertaken around 3 months following the 1:1 session to establish the efficacy of the therapy.