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Horses are flight animals, they live totally in the moment and they respond to the emotions of those around them usually providing immediate feedback.  It is common for riders and handlers who have had falls or other negative experiences with their horses/ponies to change patterns of behaviours e.g: display an anxious or fearful approach when working with their animals.  Horse and ponies will then react accordingly and become unpredictable on many occasions causing more fear/anxiety in their human partners.

Mindfulness therapy approaches are helpful to riders of any equine discipline to engage with their horses without judgement, focused and present in the moment.

This calming approach for horse and rider complements and enhances therapeutic work with the rider/handler to overcome any bad experiences, fears and anxieties, and therefore improves the relationship between horse and its human.

When working in this area it is important to understand the individual rider/horse relationship, and to this end, if at all possible (distance permitting), I do endeavour to work with horse and rider together for at least one session.

Bespoke Mindfulness, visualisation and relaxation exercises are developed for horse and rider to practise outside of therapy sessions.