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Children & Teenagers

Children and teenagers respond well to a Solution Focused approach.  I always encourage both parents to participate in the Initial Consultation in order that the full extent of the problem to both the child and the family is fully understood.  In this way both parents will be aware and understand the therapy modality being used and what is expected from the parents in order to support the therapeutic process.   

Subsequent therapy sessions will be undertaken solely with the child, for children under 16 the accompanying adult is requested to remain on the premises/in the therapy room, at all times.

The session length can vary depending on the concentration levels of the child (which may be dependent on the time of day), it is usually around 25-40 minutes.  Immediately following the therapy session with children under 16, the accompanying parent will participate in a review of the session.  It is however important for the parents to understand that at all times the confidentiality of the child is respected.

It should be noted that a Consent Form will be provided to the parent(s) who have parental control for children under 16 for signature prior to any therapy taking place.